GREG McINTYRE - Silver Elvis
"Sharing the memory through my voice"
selected past performances
  • Captain Cook's, Port Stanley, ON
  • Royal Canadian Legion, Grand Bend, ON (2 performances - April and June)
  • The 2001 Canada Summer Games, Woodstock, ON
  • Elvis Festival, Brantford, ON
  • London Rib Fest at Victoria Park, London, ON
  • Callithumpian Festival, Thamesford, ON
  • Blue Hawaii Celebration, Brantford, ON
  • International Year of the Volunteer (VON benefit), Woodstock, ON
  • 125th Western Fair, New PL Stage, London, ON (5 performances)
  • London Rib Fest at Victoria Park, London, ON
  • Elvis Festival, Brantford, ON
  • Feature Performer at JR's Country Parlour, London, ON (3 occasions)
  • New Year's Eve Performance - Single Entertainer, Lucan, ON
  • Benefit Fund Raiser for Cerebral Palsy, London, ON
  • London Rib Fest at Victoria Park, London, ON
  • People's Choice Award, Elvis Tribute, Orillia, ON
  • Elvis Tribute Award, Collingwood, ON
Photo of Greg McIntyre - Silver Elvis
Remembering Elvis Presley...
The first song that I recall hearing Elvis sing was "Teddy Bear", when I was eight years old. At that time, I knew very little about the man, except that I enjoyed the sound of his voice. Unknown to my uncle, he was the catalyst, which influenced my interest in the music of Elvis. As well, my parents passed on a love for music - my mother was a beautiful singer and my father played the clarinet in the Forest, Ontario Excelsior Band.

Photo of Greg McIntyre performing at JR's
Six years later, the gospel record, "His Hand in Mine", became the first Elvis record that I owned. My involvement with his music grew steadily from there.

Through elementary school, my love of singing led me to join the school choir each year. Our school was the winner of citywide competitions. Although my parents realized my enjoyment of the music of Elvis, they didn't know the extent of my interest. Sadly, my mother died when I was a teenager and never had the opportunity to witness my performances. Since my singing was mostly for my own enjoyment, my family was unaware of my developing ability.

In years to come, singing would become a regular pastime for me. The music of Elvis was my passion, as I practiced his songs repeatedly. This solitary singing allowed me to strengthen and develop my vocal skills, while finding comfort in the music. My goal was to attend live performances by Elvis and when I succeeded on four different occasions, those concerts became some of the greatest moments of my life.

Over the years, I studied the martial arts and achieved black belt status. On outings with friends, I enjoyed singing and then one summer, in 1997, I decided to attend the Elvis festival in Collingwood. Understandably, I was thrilled to receive a trophy (see Selected Performances, to the left).

As time went on, other singing opportunities appeared and I began to experience the tremendous satisfaction of performing for audiences. Through my voice, I project the powerful sound of his music. Now, others can listen to the songs and recall their own memories of the Elvis era.

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Greg McIntyre. Silver Elvis. Just the sound you remember!
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